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Friday, July 06th 2012  
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 Nowadays poker is not just a card game. For many people it is their philosophy and lifestyle. Poker has become too popular to be played just during evening chats by good old friends. The game is so exciting that now it is one of the most theoric sporting events in the world. We all know that sportsmen can participate both in amateur competitions and tournaments. Poker players are not an exception and have the same choice.

 There are a lot of poker tournaments held each year. The most famous of them is the World Series Of Poker, which has been annually held at Binionís Horseshoe casino in Las Vegas since 1970.

 The; most usual versions of poker for tournament playing are Texas Holdem, Omaha Poker, and Seven Card Stud.

 The atmosphere and process of tournaments differ greatly from those of the ring games mainly by the fact that luck usually plays much bigger role than skillfulness and even the best tournament player can easily go ten sessions winning nothing. A typical tournament requires each participant to pay an entry fee, with which competitors are given a certain amount of play money in the form of casino chips to play with. Players are required to play every hand. They play until their supply of chips ends. In some tournaments the option of re-buy does exist. The last player standing wins.

 Depending on the tournament, most of the money entered in the form of entry fees, chip-buy fees, or re-buys are placed in a prize pool. This pool is payed out to the top players in the event, as determined by fall-out order. For example, the top ten players are given prizes ranging from 2% to 30% of the prize pool. This means that the ninth-to-last player to lose all his chips is on 10th position and receives 2% of the pool, the eighth-to-last player receives in this case receives 3%, etc The final player to drop gets 20% and the final survivor of the match makes 30% of the prize pool.
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