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Friday, July 06th 2012  
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Types Of Poker Players

 It goes without saying that each poker player has his own unique character and playing style. But still all the gamblers can be somehow classified. Of course, the division is quite relative but still it can help you to develop a certain strategy against a certain type of opponent. Here are four generally accepted types of poker players.



 Tight-passive players are good at Limit Holdem but just can’t adjust to No-Limit. They just don’t have enough balls for it. Tight-passive players are usually very selective about hands and generally it is not difficult to outblow them with big raises. However, if you see a tight-passive guy calling your raise (do not hope to see him reraising), you’d better fold or have a Royal Fush as he has a monster for sure.


 The other name for this type of poker player is “calling station.” Loose-passive players are not so scrupulous with choosing a hand and would try to call with almost every hand. The best tactics against them is playing relatively good hands. But you won’t find many players of this type online as they go broke very soon after registering.



 There are two kinds of loose-aggressive players. Maniacs (or kamikazes) are players who will raise you with almost any hand. They blow chips to the pot like mad (actually they usually ARE mad). They can play high stakes poker but still they depend only on luck as they don’t have any strategy at all. They can win at tight tables but still they always end up losing.

 But do not mix these guys with strong loose-aggressive players. Players of this kind can also go all-in without any hand. But the difference is that they usually think strategically. These players can be very dangerous as you never know what they are holding – poket aces or 72 offsuit. Many world famous poker pros have this style. So, be careful with them.


 Tight-aggressive is considered the most profitable playing style. You play relatively good hands and play them aggressively. Tight aggressive players are usually crazy about counting odds. But that does not mean they won’t bluff you if they feel you are in doubt.
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