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Basics Of Bluffing

Monday, June 01st 2009  
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 Bluffing is considered a core element of poker. To be short bluffing is when a person acts as if he has the best hand (that is bets, raises and reraises) when he actually does not. You’ve probably seen the movies in which half-mad gamblers win great sums using a brave and successful bluff. However it is not that simple in real life. You need to know the right situation in order to make your bluff a successful one. If you fail and are caught at raising hardly with a trash hand, there is a great possibility that they won’t believe your next attempt.

 There are several types of bluffing. Let’s regard their differences.

Pure Bluff

 You bet like crazy and nobody besides you knows that you don’t have even a pair. In this situation it is vitally necessary not to express a slight tell which can make your opponents realize you are bluffing. A good bluffer is a good actor. Pure bluffs are not destined for constant using but can be very profitable if you use them once in a while. The best strategy is to raise with monsters and sometimes (only sometimes – not frequently) with trash hands. Your opponents won’t realize whether you are bluffing or not.


 This is a kind of “bluffing with a hope.” You don’t have a hand at the moment, but you have a nut draw. So you act as if you have already made this nutty hand. In case you won’t blow out all your opponents you have a chance to make the best hand and win the pot anyway.

Steal Bluff

 You raise preflop in order to steal the pot by kicking out all your opponents.
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