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Suited But Connected

Friday, March 16th 2012  
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Noble poker
  Let me introduce myself - I’m Daniel Thorn. I will be honest - I’ve never won at the WSOP. But for several years I’ve been making a living just playing poker online. When I deposit money I use only my AmEx Platinum. I think it tells volumes.
  So, in this section I described the hands that were really played. I think it can be better than tons of poker literature. I tried to make it not only educational, but also entertaining. Read, enjoy and learn from my mistakes.

  There is an opinion that you shouldn’t see any differences between suited and not suited hands. I’m a loyal supporter of this idea. But still the fact that you hole cards are suited shouldn’t prevent you from playing big suited connectors:

Kd Qd

  The game came to three-handed at the very beginning. It doesn’t promise a big pot, but the game will be interesting for sure. So, I raised and was called by two players. The flop came:

Jd 3d Ks

  So, I do have a flush draw. Then… I think that was a dumb move, I admit… but I checked. Nobody made a bet. What a disappointment! But the turn comes making me more happy than I could imagine:

Jd 3d Ks Td

  Straight draw, Flush, whatever… I’m a champion, my friend. Just give me a chance to take your money. I check (as you guess I want to check-raise). That’s it. The trap snapped one of the players and he bet. The third player folded. So, I have one opponent – and the nuts. Oh, men, why it’s not No Limit? I raised… The river brought a nine: I’ve hit a straight. Check-raising is definitely my favorite action today. And once again I succeed. My opponent shows his:

Qs Ad

  And I type: “Show me the money! I’ll take the pot”. He sees my Kd Qd. “Nh” – types he and disappears…
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