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'I-will-not-raise' Guys

Friday, March 16th 2012  
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Noble poker
  Let me introduce myself - Iím Daniel Thorn. I will be honest - Iíve never won at the WSOP. But for several years Iíve been making a living just playing poker online. When I deposit money I use only my AmEx Platinum. I think it tells volumes.
  So, in this section I described the hands that were really played. I think it can be better than tons of poker literature. I tried to make it not only educational, but also entertaining. Read, enjoy and learn from my mistakes.

  As I have said Ė never ever play trash hands. But I used to break the rules. So did I that time with:

4s 8s

  But what saves me now is that Iím a Big Blind. So, the players act. Only one bet. The rest call, the flop:

Js 9d Th

  Iím not ready to bet with this hand. But Iím ready to call Ė so I call. I have a straight draw. A very ugly flush draw, by the way. Because all I have now is just the lower end of it. But the fact that itís an open-end straight consoles me. The turn didnít make me happy:

Js 9d Th Kd

  My Small Blind (in fact heís not mine, but who cares?) checks. Iím just happy to see it. Maybe, Iíll get a free card. Though, maybe my draw is not that bad? I bet. One guy folded, the other called. So Ė there are three of us. All I want is just a little:

Js 9d Th Kd 7c

  just a little seven. And I have it! Itís like a miracle. A cautionary example for those who didnít raise me. Three of us came to the showdown. I think youíd like to know what they had, these ďI-will-not-raiseĒ guys. The first had a couple of queens:

Qd Qs

  And the other one:

Jd Kh

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