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Friday, July 06th 2012  
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 Poker is the game of skill. Though luck is always involved and “good players beat bad players,” as the ‘Mad Genius of Poker’, Mike Caro, stated in his book. That’s why knowing only the rules is not enough in case you want to become a regular winner. You need to create your own unique playing style and perfect it during each played hand. Of course, the best way to improve your poker skills it playing the game. But if you read some articles concerning different aspects of poker strategy you’ll probably avoid some common mistakes, which are usual for beginner players. Now novice players have a great opportunity to learn poker wisdom much more quickly than it was – say – 30 years ago. The things which the old-time players had to learn through their own experience are available on the net absolutely for free.

 We have divided our articles on strategy into three groups. But that does not mean that beginners should read only the second part, advanced players – the second one etc. We tried to make the articles interesting for the players of all skill-levels. Enjoy our advices and look the regular updates on the site.

Basics Of Bluffing
To be short bluffing is when a person acts as if he has the best hand (that is bets, raises and reraises) when he actually does not.

Poker Tells
The ability to read opponents’ tells is one of the skills, which differs a good poker player from an amateur.

Poker Lingo
The first step in understanding Big Poker Sharks is to apprehend everything they say. These are the basic poker terms and one can’t understand the process of the game, not to say become a good player without knowing their meaning.

Choosing A Game
Here are the most general characteristics of a poker game. They are true not only for Holdem, but for most of the community games.

Different Positions At A Poker Table
Your position at a poker table is something you always should bear in mind while figuring out your next move, especially pre-flop.

Pot Odds For Dummies
Now, let’s try to master that theory. And the best way to understands is – yes, to give an example

5 Things You Shouldn't Forget
And then he shows another heart (not his heart, but a king of hearts, for example).

Free Card
But if there is a possibility to get a free card, don’t miss it, cause it can help you to win a large pot.

My Beatiful Pocket Cowboys
I don’t like folding pocket pairs at all. It’s like a superstition.

Four Is Better Than Three
There are still too many players (5, myself included). But this just makes the pot bigger.

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