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Monday, June 01st 2009  
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Three Wisemen Of Poker

World poker game became what it is today due to three pillar persons - Johnny Moss, Benny Binion and Doyle Brunson. These people gave poker popularity, fame and availability. Who are they?

Johnny Moss is legend of poker, reputed best poker player of mid 1950s. Benny Binion is gambling icon, who launched World Series of Poker and hosted it for many years. Doyle Brunson is famous for his fundamental work "Super System", which is considered to be a poker bible, and has the hand named after him.

Johnny Moss started playing at 10 years old. He was taught some tricks and cheating but preferred not to use them. He started as watcher in casino and combined work and study - preventing cheating and learning poker strategy. Than he gambled in different casinos training and since 1949 gained himself great reputation. That time the paths of Benny Binion crossed his own.

Benny Binion started with white lightning which lead him to prison. Then he got into lottery business - illegal, of course, continued with 2-year suspended sentence and finished law problems with kill on the grounds of self-defense. After his best period begins - he opens his casino - Binion's Horseshoe, - loses and gains back control over it, and makes gambling, especially poker, family business. He organises a battle of Johnny Moss and Nick the Greek which gives him idea of WSOP in future and establishes it. This made his family rich and made poker widely spread and popular.

Doyle Brunson was first supposed to be a famous basketball player. But because of injury he had to leave sports and dedicate himself to education. He started gambling to earn some money, becoming a member of team together with Johnny Moss and Amarillo Slim Preston, and left teacher's job for luck in game. He became esteemed and professional poker player while travelling and settled down Las Vegas. He became WSOP champion and wrote poker Book - "Super System" (1979) which was republished and became manual to those who wanted to learn to play poker.

All these men made poker acknowledged by wide audience and played all over the world. Due to their efforts despite legislative prohibition poker stays popular and continues to exist and prosper becoming prevailing in gambling.

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