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Texas holdem

Friday, July 06th 2012  
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Online Holdem Poker Download Holdem Poker

Holdem Poker (otherwise Texas Holdem) has still been staying the most popular game of online world. Texas holdem is divided on:

  • Limit Texas Holdem (with a† definite specific limit of bets in every game and on each round of betting)
  • Pot Limit Texas Holdem (when player can bet what is in the pot. Click here to learn more)
  • No Limit Texas Holdem (itís possible to bet all at any time. Click here to learn more).

Texas Holdem Poker usually uses a dealer-button to indicate the theoretical dealer of each hand. After current hand is completed, the button moves to the next player clockwise as with standard poker rules. Now this player is considered as "the dealer" for current hand. As a rule a single deck of cards is used, consisting of 52 cards excluding the jokers.

If the active pot is $200 and the first player to act in the round bets $150 and the next player calls $150, the third player has a maximum eligible total bet of $800. The $800 total is made up of the $150 call and $650 raise.

The $650 max raise portion is equal to the pot of $200 + first player's $150 + second player's $150 + his own call of $150.

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