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Friday, July 06th 2012  
Online poker games
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  I think you clicked on this section because you’re a novice, but even if you’re familiar with the poker rules, I advice you to read this introduction. You will find here some guidelines that will make the site navigation a little bit easier.

  So, why are you here? You want to learn how to play poker? But let me ask you one more question? What poker variant do you want to play? I even don’t ask you about the limits. Just – what variant? If you can answer, then the next step you should take – reading strategy articles. This section offers three skill levels: beginner, intermediate and expert. The first one contains some things you can’t play without. The second will give you an idea of more complicated theories. And the third one… the hands that were player… successful hands, of course. It can be a good illustration for the two previous sections. Just an example that you will remember when you’re in the same situation.

  If you’re not sure who wins, if your hands are just equal. Who takes the money? Visit the poker tips section.

  You will also like our exclusive poker hints. If you’re going to play for real money I strongly recommend you to study it so that you will know what will happen if you’re disconnected. What else? I think you will be happy to find in this section some sign-up bonuses for the most popular online poker rooms.

  And the last but not the least. If you want to be a poker shark you should know the poker history: how it all began, how it has been developing and what it is now.
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